Mayor voices support for four year terms for State Government

The positives associated with legislating the State Government to serve a four year fixed term far outweigh any negative arguments regarding the move from three year terms.
That’s the view of Bundaberg Regional Council Mayor Mal Forman who has swung his support behind the four year fixed term campaign which will be the subject of a referendum to be conducted in conjunction with the March 19 Council elections.

“I fully support the move to four year fixed terms for the State Government as I believe it is in the best interest of our community.

It will be more cost effective and brings the State into alignment with the term served by Local Government.

“I believe voters would welcome a move to conducting a State election on the last Saturday of October every four years.

“We live in an era of high volume interaction between State, Federal and Local Governments and it is apparent that four years is an appropriate time frame for a term of government prior to an election.

“Over the years I have been in local government I have witnessed the disruption and costs incurred by Council through snap State government elections and regular changes of government.

“Council, the community and especially the business sector requires certainty and stability and this is enabled through respective governments running full term,” said Cr Forman.

“I am a solid supporter of the “yes” case being presented in favour of four year fixed terms and which will be decided by referendum on March 19.

“Elections are costly exercises and the current ability by governments to call elections at any time impacts on community life and can have a major negative economic effect on the tourism industry.”

Cr Forman said the proposed “yes” vote had wide support from all sides of politics, the unions and the business sector.

“The added time frame and fixed term certainty would translate into more efficient outcomes between State and Local governments.

“Modern Queensland is fast-paced and multi-dimensional. A fixed four year term is an appropriate time frame to allow government to plan, implement and fully deliver on strategies and commitments,” he said.

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